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GasLog is committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
We believe that acting responsibly and fairly are important factors in achieving long-term business success. We strive to achieve our long-term goals and, hence, always maintain the highest standards of integrity, safety and fairness.

We expect our employees to adhere to core values such as integrity, fairness, honesty and safety.

Safeguarding the reputation of GasLog Partners and complying with governmental laws or regulations, as well as our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, is the responsibility of every employee and director. Our internal policies are designed to help employees resolve day-to-day ethical dilemmas, such as situations involving anti-corruption, confidentiality, the misuse of company assets for personal advantage and the rules regarding donations and gifts. The GasLog Partners whistleblower system encourages and enables our staff members to report immediately any questionable actions or activities that may involve criminal conduct or violations of our company policies and guidelines, either through internal channels or through the GasLog Partners Whistleblower hotline.

As the ethical and professional conduct of our business is of utmost importance to us, members of the public who become aware of, or suspect breaches of, our internal policies or illegal actions by any employee of the company are also encouraged to report their concerns through the Whistleblower hotline.

The Whistleblower hotline system is confidential and should you wish to remain anonymous you may do so. The hotline is managed by an independent third party to ensure the highest level of security and confidentiality.

GasLog Partners has selected EthicsPoint, an independent third party supplier, to handle reports.


To Make a Report click here and Select the "Make a Report" link at the top of the web page or dial one of the following numbers:

UNITED KINGDOM:    800 032 8483
GREECE:    00800 12 6576
MONACO:    0800 91 1557

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